Daniel Buren: Criss-Cross

Text by Sophie Calle, Jean-Louis Froment, Rudi Fuchs, Hans Haacke, Garry Neill Kennedy, Kasper König, Yvon Lambert, Paul Maenz, Massimo Minini, Naomi Spector, et al.

10 1/4 × 12 1/4 in

448 pgs, 500 color / 100 bw, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-753300-83-2

Five decades of Buren, with responses from his collaborators

French conceptual artist Daniel Burn (born 1938) is famous for his “works in situ,” often transforming buildings through colorful glass and stripes placed on columns or walls. This career-spanning monograph includes contributions by curators, gallerists and fellow artists such as Sophie Calle, Hans Haacke and more. This publication was made in cooperation with Roulette Russe, Denmark.