Aki Sasamoto
Point Reflection
6 Dec 2023 – 7 Apr 2024
Queens Museum


Aki Sasamoto, Point Reflection, Installation view, Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows, NY, 2023. Photo courtesy Queens Museum, credit Hai Zhang.

Aki Sasamoto: Point Reflection presents a selection of recent works and premieres a new performance by New York-based artist Aki Sasamoto. A unique synthesis of visual art and theatrical performance, Sasamoto’s work engages the banal and universal in human behavior through her eccentric sets of acts and monologues.

Sasamoto’s practice revolves around the idea of changes and phases, predictability and unpredictability in life with wide ranging topics including cravings, laundry, romance, and aging. The exhibition title “point reflection” refers to a mirrored geometric condition where a point on one side is reflected across an axis. This exhibition includes works in which these abstract concepts are “performed” by animated objects serving as stand-ins for the artist: groups of snail shells or whisky tumblers that are air-driven into a frantic spinning motion. Sasamoto meticulously produces and choreographs physical elements and their movements in her installations, weaving layers of meaning through scientific, visual, and linguistic wordplay: what are the connections between the counterclockwise coiling of snail shells and left-handed boxers?; how does a weeklong tornado forecast mirror the ailments in a human body and mind?

With her fascination in evolutionary biology and meteorology, Sasamoto’s work acts as an experimental system of improvisation and repetition. Here, the unsuspected normalities in everyday life undergo rigorous testing giving rise to unlikely metaphors and associations in a structured chaos where familiar turns unfamiliar, and vice versa.

Aki Sasamoto: Point Reflection is organized by Hitomi Iwasaki, Head of Exhibitions/Curator.