Tom Burr
An American Garden
1 Apr 1993
Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem


Tom Burr, An American Garden, Installation view, Sonsbeek Park, Arnherm, Netherlands, 1993

Curated by Valerie Smith

An American Garden was created for the Sonsbeek '93 exhibition in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The plot of soil, rocks, trees and other plantings displaced, both specially and temporally, a section of Central Park, New York, as it was originally conceived in the 1870's, to Sonsbeek Park in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Layered over this terrestrial model of the 1870's are New York Parks Department landscape reports from the late 1970's which describe and define this particular section of Central Park, known as The Ramble, in terms of its two permanent constituencies: bird watchers and gay men.


Tom Burr Just Outside the Museum… Kunst + Museum Journaal, Vol. 4 #6, Sept 1993