Daniel Buren
Architecture, contre-architecture : transposition. Travail in situ.
9 Oct 2010 – 22 May 2011
Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), Luxembourg


Daniel Buren, Photos-souvenirs : Architecture, contre-architecture : transposition, work in situ, Installation view, MUDAM, Luxembourg, October 2010

By exhibiting the architecture within the architecture through this installation of rare proportions, Daniel Buren is not only emphasizing certain architectural characteristics of the museum, he is also highlighting the function of the building as the “envelope” of art. It is not the first time Daniel Buren has subverted museum architecture. As in some of his previous interventions, here he is exhibiting the museum within the museum, thus drawing attention to the limits between the interior and exterior, not just of the building, but of art itself.