Eric Wesley
D’Carts Blanche and New Paintings
7 May – 19 Jun 2010


Eric Wesley, D'Carts Blanche and New Paintings,

Framing the gallery installation, the paintings show X, Y, and Z translated into the three primary colors, and the system continues. Yellow is fear, Red is aggression and Blue is sadness. In the scenario at hand, fear runs, aggression explodes, and sadness streaks. In keeping with his system, the colors are applied with intentional priority. In one instance the explosive red aggression is first, with the blue streaks of sadness in the foreground and yellow runs of fear linger between. A narrative then develops according to a primal and emotionalized method.

Wesley's realm of what he calls Post-Transgressive Painting is vast, but founded on fundamental building blocks. As the three primary colors are essential for creating all further colors and the Cartesian coordinates are necessary for accessing all points in space, his work grows from such basic devices, with the potential for infinite combinations.


Ken Johnson Eric Wesley D'Carts Blanche and New Paintings The New York Times May 2010