Leda Catunda
29 Sep – 25 Nov 2023
ICA Milan


Installation view, Leda Catunda. Euforia curated by Alberto Salvadori, Fondazione ICA Milano, Milan. September 28th - November 25 2023

From Friday 29 September to Saturday 25 November 2023, Fondazione ICA Milano presents Euforia, a solo show by Brazilian artist Leda Catunda (São Paulo, 1961). The exhibition, curated by Alberto Salvadori, builds the impression of the contemporary era, crossed by continuous uncertainties and tensions, which the artist is called to interpret.

Leda Catunda's research is rooted in a visual lexicon that oscillates between mass culture and craftsmanship. The artist's works are characterized by a strongly manual approach that result in true sculptural installations where colors, materials and forms are combined to narrate our current society from the artist’s perspective.

Leda Catunda explains, "It seems that the most appropriate choice for an artist is to continue to tell the story of his own era through his works. As it has always happened, quite naturally: every art form and every artist, even in the uncertainty of intention at the moment of creation, makes his or her contribution by nurturing a shared memory, witnessing and documenting the yearnings and desires of his or her time."