Tom Burr
Gravity Moves Me
4 Feb – 17 Apr 2011
FRAC Champagne-Ardenne


Tom Burr, Gravity Moves Me, Installation view, FRAC Champagne- Ardenne, Reims, France, 2011

Though the works in the Gravity Moves Me exhibition are intrinsically linked to each other, they are also directly connected to Deep Purple, a monumental sculpture which Tom Burr created in 2000 and which has been installed in the courtyard of the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne since 2008. It is therefore through the angle of the “effect” of the passage of time, both on bodies as well as on the objects surrounding them, that the artist conceives of the notion of “gravity”. This word describes the influence of weight on a given body, but it can also be understood as referring to a cerebral state describing serious, sombre, sometimes even morbid thoughts. Paradoxically, these very thoughts can give rise to a sense of humour that emerges from a consciousness of decline, ruin, and inevitable disappearance or death.