Piero Golia
Models, Monuments, and Sculptures on Pedestals
28 Feb – 17 Apr 2014
Gagosian Gallery


Piero Golia, Models, Monuments and Sculptures on Pedestals, Installation view, Gagosian Gallery, Paris, France, 2014

In a new series of sculptures cast in bronze, Golia portrays his studio, his colleagues, and his previous works as a self-reflexive narrative, a modern-day Boîte-en-valise. In Studio (4/13/2013) (2013), studio assistants, works in progress, tools, and machines are rendered in miniature in aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Gold and Concrete Cube at the Venice Biennale (2013) is another model of an earlier work, Untitled (My Gold is Yours) (2013), in which one kilogram of gold was mixed into an immense concrete block and shown at the Venice Biennale. In reverse chronology, Golia remakes finished artworks and their environments in a diminutive scale normally associated with project planning, which also grants the viewer the perspective of oversight on his larger creative process. In Upside down equestrian figure as public sculpture (2011–13), he upends an unrealized sculpture of Giuseppe Garibaldi on horseback as an embodiment of pure entropy.