Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris: 2001 - 2022
30 Sep 2023 – 7 Apr 2024
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL


Rebecca Morris, Rebecca Morris: 2001-2022, Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2023

Rebecca Morris: 2001–2022 is a 21-year survey of Los Angeles–based painter Rebecca Morris, an artist known for her large-scale paintings and inventive approach to composition, color, and gesture. Her first major museum survey since 2005, the exhibition is an examination of the artist’s innumerable contributions to the field of painting and contemporary art.

"Rebecca Morris is one of the most influential, closely watched painters working today. This exhibition provides a concise overview of her practice as it has evolved over the past 20 years, revealing an artist whose rigor and intense engagement with abstraction has resulted in a truly remarkable, exciting body of work,” said Manilow Senior Curator Jamillah James.

With 27 works, the exhibition provides audiences with an opportunity to see the artist’s progression of style and development of several formal tendencies and motifs, resulting in a distinct and recognizable visual language. Morris’s dynamic paintings push against the historical foundation of her chosen medium and for the constantly evolving and expanding field of painting today


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