Daniel Buren
The Eye of the Storm
25 Mar – 8 Jun 2005
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


Daniel Buren, The Eye of the Storm, Installation view, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY, 2005

Buren’s work for the Guggenheim exposes the powerful presence of the building’s architecture and the various conditions which inform the art within it. Around the Corner (2000/05) rises from the floor of the rotunda to the top of the sixth ramp, bisecting the great space. The structure represents one of four corners of an imagined cube, large enough for the entire museum to be inscribed within it. Pushed into the center of the rotunda, the cubic mass is visible as a fragment (one corner) of the cube. Reminiscent of a skyscraper under construction, the work's straight walls, which intersect at a right angle in