Daniel Buren
Within and Beyond the Frame
1 Oct – 1 Nov 1973
John Weber Gallery


Daniel Buren, Photos-souvenirs : Within and beyond the frame, work in situ, Installation view, Galerie John Weber, New York, NY, 1973

Within and Beyond the Frame was a set of nineteen black and white striped banners on which the stripes on the left and right had been covered with white paint. They were suspended on a cable strung across the gallery and the street outside the window. Nine pieces were inside the gallery and nine outside. The middle piece, which connected the outside and the inside, was placed half-in and half-out in the opening where the window frame had been removed for the duration of the exhibition. The work was therefore composed of nineteen identical pieces, installed in two different “frames”: the cultural context of an art gallery and the urban frame of New York city.