Virginia Overton
8 Apr – 8 Oct 2023
Hypermaremma, Polveriera Guzman, Orbetello, Italy


Virginia Overton, Tulip, Installation view, Hypermaremma, Polveriera, Guzman, Italy, 2023. Photo credit: Daniele Molajoli. Courtesy the artist and Hypermaremma.

Hypermaremma officially launches its fifth edition on Saturday,

April 8th, with artist Virginia Overton's monumental sculptural work entitled Tulip.

Located at Orbetello's Polveriera Guzman facing the lagoon, Tulip is a 6-metre-high concrete structure punctuated by constellations of pink glass ‘windows’. Arranged back-to back, three vertical segments made from pre-existing moulds typically used for the construction of large tunnels, open towards the sky taking on the form of a ‘tulip’.

Presented for the first time at the 59th Venice Biennale as part of ‘The Milk of Dreams’, Tulip activates a new form of collaboration that aims to share contemporary artistic practices in dialogue with the Maremma landscape. Overton's work will interact with the historical architecture of the Polveriera Guzman: a building

constructed during Spanish rule in 1692, by the Flemish architect Ferdinand De Grunembergh. Throughout history it was employed as a gunpowder store then remained closed to the public for an extended period of time. It is currently the

headquarters of the Orbetello Archaeological Museum, where Etruscan, Roman, and Mediaeval artefacts found in the surrounding area are preserved to narrate the exploits of past populations.


Installation view of displayed artwork titled Untitled (tulip)

Untitled (tulip), 2022